Spread the virus!

I wanted to participate in The Tiny Book Show . I was looking for a topic that would go well with a small format.

I finally opted for a book about viruses. I thought it would be interesting to catch the curiosity, or happiness, or generosity. so I designed my 14 virus and voilà. the book is printed on brown paper. the challenge was its binding. it is made of parts of book’s cover (which explains the different colors), and mosquito nets for the binding and for the title, an acetate to remind the glass slides to look under the microscope.

I made a very small edition. it is presented in a small cardboard box slipped to turn in a small plastic bag. closed, the book size is 5.5 cm x 6 cm.

price: $22 cad (Canada) delivery included

price: $28 cad (International) delivery included

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